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Adventure to America: Grand Rapids – Michigan

A Journey of Creativity to GLFEE 

As a floral artist, I have always been captivated by the boundless beauty of nature and the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

 When the opportunity arose to embark on an adventure to America for GLFEE – ‘The Great Lakes Floral Event Expo’ I knew that this would be the perfect chance to explore new landscapes, meet fellow artists, and immerse myself in the vibrant culture of the United States. 

Upon arriving in America, I was immediately struck by the sheer scale of the cities, Los Angeles was a wild urban jungle, however it was the variety of flora that I encountered that delighted me most! 

I knew straight away I wanted to create a piece of Floral Couture and capture in the Urban landscape. The thought of the contrast made my creative soul stir with excitement.

I was imagining Divine Garden Roses, set against hard cold concrete. 

Collaborating with Fellow Artists
I found a Photographer in the state of Michigan, whose style matched my vision perfectly! 

Next up came the selection of model. I needed someone just right, as she is the canvas from which I conceptualise the whole Flower gown around.

She is an essential part of the story. 

The collaboration took place Grand Rapids, Michigan State.

I teamed up with a talented photographer @intricate_exposures and model @itsnatrios to capture a piece of Floral Couture I designed on the Main Stage at the Grand Rapids Floral Event Expo.

A gown designed from Fresh Roses and Greenery. Decadent Floral headpiece.

A Fresh Flower gown! Created from a delightful mixture of Fresh Columbian Garden Roses, nestled in an abundance of Greenery!

I deconstructed the stage piece and reconstructed it on the streets of the city.

Excited to capture the Decadent floral gown against an urban landscape!

We ventured to the Steps of the Grand Rapids Art Gallery…and the magic was made.

As my adventure to America ended, I found myself filled with a sense of inspiration and creativity. The diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and creative collaborations that I experienced during my journey have left an indelible mark on my artistic practice.

Created by Flowers by Julia Rose in Michigan at @greatlakesfloral
Photographed on the stairs of the @grartmuseum
Featuring roses from @alexandrafarms

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