Wearable Art Festival


Featured on the Australian Wearable Arts Festival Runway
Featured in Cabinet de l’Art Russia, Malvie Magazine, French Feature in Moevir Paris
Exhibited at Caloundra Regional Gallery & Floriade

This Floral Couture piece features a mass of silk flowers meticulously stitched together on a base of leather, linens, sequins and faux fur.

I designed this Floral couture piece whilst isolated in the March floods of 2022.


Designed whilst isolated by the continuing flood waters.

As you know, I always design in fresh flowers. However this time Mother Nature decided not to give me that opportunity. Flooding me in, yet again.

My whole concept had to change just over a week out from the Show.

I cut up my cats house for the heavy wire. I raided my cupboard for clothes and chopped into furnishings. Finding all the Leathers, linens and faux fur I could to bring my vision to life.

This piece is fully lined and finished with meticulous details.

I treated the flowers to give them a leathery look.

Wearable Art Festival

And that was just the design element.

The model and I spent hours behind the scenes choreographing the character that had to be embodied to bring the piece to life.

Wearable Art Festival

Then there were the creative discussions with the photographer in regards to the capturing of the piece. Yes you know it, we did a side shoot!

Many many hours of stitching, weaving and crafting went into this piece.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we all enjoyed bringing it to life.

‘Impressions’ by Julia Rose

Did you know you can hire this piece for photoshoots, runways, red carpets.
Put your own creative spin on this design, by capturing it In your unique style?

Runway Photoshoot: Barry Alsop

Shoot Photos: Colin Mclellan

Model: Tanaya McCarey

Flowers by Julia Rose

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Michigan – USA

Adventure to America: Grand Rapids – Michigan

A Journey of Creativity to GLFEE 

As a floral artist, I have always been captivated by the boundless beauty of nature and the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

 When the opportunity arose to embark on an adventure to America for GLFEE – ‘The Great Lakes Floral Event Expo’ I knew that this would be the perfect chance to explore new landscapes, meet fellow artists, and immerse myself in the vibrant culture of the United States. 

Upon arriving in America, I was immediately struck by the sheer scale of the cities, Los Angeles was a wild urban jungle, however it was the variety of flora that I encountered that delighted me most! 

I knew straight away I wanted to create a piece of Floral Couture and capture in the Urban landscape. The thought of the contrast made my creative soul stir with excitement.

I was imagining Divine Garden Roses, set against hard cold concrete. 

Collaborating with Fellow Artists
I found a Photographer in the state of Michigan, whose style matched my vision perfectly! 

Next up came the selection of model. I needed someone just right, as she is the canvas from which I conceptualise the whole Flower gown around.

She is an essential part of the story. 

The collaboration took place Grand Rapids, Michigan State.

I teamed up with a talented photographer @intricate_exposures and model @itsnatrios to capture a piece of Floral Couture I designed on the Main Stage at the Grand Rapids Floral Event Expo.

A gown designed from Fresh Roses and Greenery. Decadent Floral headpiece.

A Fresh Flower gown! Created from a delightful mixture of Fresh Columbian Garden Roses, nestled in an abundance of Greenery!

I deconstructed the stage piece and reconstructed it on the streets of the city.

Excited to capture the Decadent floral gown against an urban landscape!

We ventured to the Steps of the Grand Rapids Art Gallery…and the magic was made.

As my adventure to America ended, I found myself filled with a sense of inspiration and creativity. The diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and creative collaborations that I experienced during my journey have left an indelible mark on my artistic practice.

Created by Flowers by Julia Rose in Michigan at @greatlakesfloral
Photographed on the stairs of the @grartmuseum
Featuring roses from @alexandrafarms


Runway - Julia Rose's Floral couture design features on the Runway in Indonesia - Fashion from Flowers and up cycled items
World Flower Summit – Indonesia

Here is a little bit of what we got up to when we recently headed over to the gorgeous tropical island of Bali, in Indonesia, for the 2019 World Flower Summit.
Each country was given a prop. A handmade item, utilised in day to day life by the Balinese people. 
We had to upcycle our given prop and work it into our design. 

Our prop was a beautiful woven fishing basket, it was almost a shame to reshape it as it would have made a fantastic lampshade! But I cut into it, weaving, and manipulating its form into a piece I could use as a base to design my fresh floral couture on. It was ready to attach flowers to! 

The next day I walked into the Westin with my transformed fishing basket in hand ready to adorn it with fresh flowers and bring my vision to life! Thanks to my awesome team powering down, we created a skirt, headpiece and shoulder throw…. all from one little fishing basket. 

Thank you to Wfc Indonesia for organising such a magnificent event! 
And, Thank you to Flormart for the simply stunning fresh flowers! 

Last but not least…..Thank you to the World Flower Council for giving us the opportunity to not only meet but also design alongside many international Master floral designers. We were truly inspired!

Featured at WORLD FLOWER SUMMIT 2019 for the World Flower Council 

Summit Location: Bali, Indonesia WESTIN, Marriot – Nusa Dua

Flowers supplied by Flormart Indonesia

Wearable art. ARTIST. Floral Designer. Master. Floral Couture. Runway. Floral Artist. Creative. Demonstration. Workshops. Wearables. Fashion.

Flowers by Julia Rose.

Spectacular Spectacular’

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Spectacular Spectacular’ is perfectly peculiar. 

Spectacular Spectacular by Julia Rose Created at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2023

Conceptualised and created by Artist Julia Rose this exhibit is a delightfully intriguing theatrical interactive installation created for fun.

Its quirky and left-of-centre feel, features no less than an enchanting, dancing piglet in a floral tutu and sweet little flower crown, a clown with the wildest flower hair, plus a fortune teller in a fresh floral gown. 

Julia Rose conducted two main stage demonstrations at the 

Melbourne International flower and garden show; 

The demonstrations feature floral couture designs, intricately exquisite fashion-infused fresh flower gowns, shoulder pads and stunning over-the-top floral headpieces. 

After the main stage demonstrations, Julia Rose guides her models into the crowd, where visitors can take see these pieces up close and are welcome to take photos with them. 

Julia Rose and her team then head off for a photo shoot

within the grounds of the Carlton Gardens. 

Julia Rose conducted five days of workshops on site 83, level 2 in the great hall of flowers. From simple sweet flower crowns for garden and flower lovers, to sessions of random weaving and over-the-top headpieces! Sessions were held daily. 

As a treat, we held a one-night session on Friday as part of the night gardens and flowers after dark experience.


Behind this extravaganza of beauty and fun. 

Bloom Into You Flower Farm is set in glorious Flowerdale, Victoria. A chemical-free flower grower using insect and microbe-friendly methods, committed to producing high-quality, environmentally responsible flowers for the floristry, wedding, and events industry. 

Premium Greens Australia, based in the stunning hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Qld, has specialised in the harvest, production, and supply of unique cut native foliage and flowers for customers in Australia and around the world since 1989 . From their facilities throughout Queensland, unique native foliage is sustainably harvested, hand graded, and carefully packed; to provide the floral industry worldwide with a premium quality product all year round. 

Gary And The Blue Bear is set in the foothills of the Tweed Hinterland, creating beautiful and lovingly handcrafted sustainable furniture. Designed from locally sourced Australian hardwood, pieces are custom-sized to fit your space perfectly. Each piece has its own unique character to be treasured family keepsakes. 

Agra Wool Sideau®. Bases in the Netherlands AgraWool Sideau® produces 100% biodegradable floral foam alternative known as Earthwool, a natural product made from basalt. In contrast to floral foam, which is made from oil derivatives and phenol resin (plastic), Sideau® is fully biodegradable and perfectly suited for florists and flower arrangers who want to use a fully environmentally friendly base for their creations. 


Colour My World Joy, Creativity, and a Life Surrounded by Flowers


$49.95AU + Postage 

Colour My World Joy, Creativity, and a Life Surrounded by Flowers

From her earliest days, renowned floral designer Julia Rose has been inspired by
beauty, creativity and, yes, flowers. In “Colour My World,” Rose shares those passions
through her warm, often whimsical personal stories and glimpses behind the floral
design curtain.

Born in Australia, Rose fell in love with creativity and art early in her life and throughout
formative years of exploration, traipsing through rainforests, snorkelling the Great Barrier
Reef and strolling along golden beaches. She’s always loved to paint, weave, carve and
sculpt, but flowers became her medium of choice. 

Her lavish floral couture designs have taken over the world’s fashion runways, and her creative public floral installations have inspired joy in others, giving Rose the inspiration she thrives on to continually create.
“Colour My World” captures Julia Rose’s singular approach to floral design – both in
stunning images and sweetly told tales – and mixes it with a dash here and there of the
colorful, creative life she’s lived thus far. 

Its pages take you along Rose’s vibrant journey, from her early stomping grounds in Newcastle to worldwide fashion runways, red carpets and festivals and back to her bucolic farm in Australia, where she finds the inspiration to fuel her floral magic.